TRT + HCG, Clomiphene Restart


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I’ve taken 475 ius of hcg 2x per week along with my 60 mg twice a week protocol For a year and a half. I feel pretty good but I’ve had sexual side effects and some other issues with it since I’ve been on no matter what my dosage and range. Long story short and without getting into it too much I’m 31 and want to try a restart since im still young. I’ve cycled on and off hcg for the whole time to prevent desensitation of Leydig cells.

My plan is:
Take hcg 475 ius twice a week for week 0 to 2
Take clomid 25 mg a day from week 2 to week 6,
Possibly anastrozole .25 once every 2 weeks (I am extrmely sensitive to ais and have shutdown my e2 To 0 on an anastrozole dosage of .125mg before on 160 mg of test so I’m very cautious with them)

I’ll then test, lh, FSh, Shbg, e2 sensitive, etc to see where I’m at and continue or see if I can continue

MY MAIN QUESTION IS: since I’ve been taking hcg the entire duration, wont that hypothetically make the transition easier? And also has anyone also taken hcg with testosterone and tried a restart and how terrible was the recovery?

My hcg for restart I was planning on keeping low just because it is something I have already been taking.

Before goin on, My t test ranged between 270 to 400 ng/dL my free test was something slightly low maybe a 7 on a 9 to 20 scale and my e2 has always naturally been low even without trt and between 20 and 30 ng/dL no matter how much test I take…

Thanks for the advice …

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