TRENBOLONE, TESTOSTERON Winstrol, ANAVAR and PROVIRON how to use to do cutting cycle?


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I just did a prohormone and sarms cycle. They are not like placebo and I can really see some amazing effects. So I want to try steroids.

Now my height 173cm, weight 83kg, body fat 15%, age 27. I'm preparing steroids and protection supplements to do a cutting cycle.

I may get steroids like TRENBOLONE, TESTOSTERONE, Winstrol, ANAVAR and PROVIRON. I'd like to use 2 or 3 of them to do a cutting cycle.

My questions:

1. Which of them should I use for a cutting cycle?(Or other steroids not listed above, if they are truly effetive. I can try to buy them.) What's the cycle details?(Or where can I find the cycle details?)

2. I'm now doing the PCT for ph&sarms cycle. Should I firstly finish now 4 weeks PCT then doing steroid cycle? Or I can directly start the steroid cycle?

3. I have only Nolvadex(Tamoxifen) and Aromasin(Exemestane) on hand. Do I have to prepare Clomid for upcoming PCT of AAS?

4. What supplements do you recommend for liver, kidney, prostate and cardiovascular protection?

Greatly thanks for your time.