Time for TRT


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Hey guys.. little background, 34 years old and been experiencing what I thought was low T symptoms for a few years now. Finally had the doc do some tests this week and got my results. Total test was 229 (ref 264-916) and Free T was 8.6 (ref 8.7-25.1). She didn't do LH/FSH/Estradiol but I just wanted this as a baseline to see if I should be pursuing further, which obviously I should. I've ran a few andro cycles, and 1 var/TD test cycle a few years ago. I've always done a proper PCT.

I live in NY on Long Island. Anyone have good doc recommendations or the best telemedicine clinic? Fertility isn't an issue, my wife and I have 2 kids and aren't planning on any more. I'd like to have the option of HCG and an AI. I have great insurance so if they would cover it that would be awesome, but if not so be it. In my research most of my local endocrinologists and mens health clinics all want weekly visits for them to administer T, however I do not want that. My wife is a paramedic so having her do it or do it myself would be way more convenient. You guys have any recommendations?

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