Thoughts on tapering off Test E cycle with Test Prop into PCT? Would HCG be required?



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After last pin of Test E switch to Test Prop till the Enanthate ester is flushed out the body.

Week 1 - 10. Test e
Week 1 - 6. Tbol

To add in.... Test Prop
Week 11 (4day after last Test e pin) - Test Prop. 150mg EOD.
Week 12 - 150mg EOD
Week 13 - 100mg EOD
Week 14 - 50mg EOD

PCT (3 days after last Test P pin)
Nolva - 40/40/20/20
Clomid - 100/50/50/25

Thoughts? Reckon HCG would be required?


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I've always liked to end my cycles with short esters or orals and theoretically it's a good idea. I personally prefer to end the cycle with non aromatizing compounds but have done it with T propp as well.

I'm not a fan of the tapering thing though. I would go with the same dose of prop all the way but that's different ways to approach it so do it your way and evalue the results.

HCG isn't a bad idea either.

When to start PCT is a little bit unsure IMO. 3 days after your prop inj. you still have aprx 25 mg T in your system which still is enough to keep you supressed. (At least theoretically..) but I know that is a common way to start PCT 3 days after your last prop injection.

I think your SERM protocol is a bit high. Personally I would cut the dosage in half what your planning. But that's me.

Good luck.

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