thoughts on Oxyelite Pro new formula/also using C4


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hey everyone, so i've been thinking about jumping back on Oxyelite Pro. Obviously, they have a new formula which is supposed to have DMAA removed from it. i have had great results with their old formula with the DMAA, but my blood pressure skyrocketed when i was on it (my BP is normally 100/60 and on it it was 150/??? cant remember)

so im hoping this new formula will not raise my blood pressure so much, anyone have any insight on this before i go buy a bottle?

i have also been using C4 by cellucore for my pre workout. i wanted to know, if i start using Oxyelite Pro, should i stop taking my C4 before my workout until i'm finished with my OEP? (Oxyelite pro)

any insight is appreciated, just want to make sure i don't do anything to make my heart explode. BTW i have a rather high caffein tolerance.


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