Thoughts on Blood work - Any issues apparent?


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I wondered if anyone with experience of reading bloods could take a look at my blood work and see if anything doesn't look right. When I have looked over the forum I have seen some people suggesting doctors don't always know what they're looking for when it comes to previous PH/steroid use.

I am 36 About 10 years or so ago I used some oral PH's and since then I have had some on-off minor ED issues and testicular atrophy, though I used PCT I don't think this ever fully recovered. Over the years I've had some blood work done by the doctors or private to keep a record of my hormone profile and see if anything gets worse. The doctors reassured me that everything is fine, but the problem seems to have got worse in the last 12-18 months and even the atrophy has got worse.
Looking over the bloods myself I can see that my SHBG has reduce very slightly and my LH and FSH seem to have increased but my test has decreased.
I take boron, vitamin d and vitamin e on-off but not taken for a while and only other supp I’ve taken a while back but stopped that as the pump thing stopped pumping!
I have also had some other issues for a while like sore joints (elbows and knees mainly).



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I have to do the conversions in my head but everything seems fairly normal to me. Your LDL is a bit high. Has your doctor made any comments as far as your cholesterol? Test is probably on the lower end but within range. Nothing really sticks out to me as concerning though. Nevertheless, you should always go over these with your doctor.


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I mean, your free test is on the lower end of the scale but it is normal. I'd be more interested in your kidney health and cholesterol.... Otherwise welcome to middle age my friend

If you want to try to increase your free T maybe try supplementing zinc.

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