The Pussification of Today's Society



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The Pussification of Today's Society

by Matt Weik

This article isn?t going to be for everyone?and that?s ok. In fact, it could offend some people?again, that?s ok. I?m not here to paint pictures of rainbows and talk about unicorns while we all sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows. But, we have a real problem in our society today that I think needs to be discussed. And that topic is how American society today has turned into a bunch of entitled babies. Is it an evolutionary problem? Is it a technology problem? Is it a parenting problem? All of the above?

Put in the work

There are a ton of individuals out there who simply don?t want to put in the work when it has to do with pretty much everything. People want a magic fitness pill so they never need to lift a weight or do cardio?or better yet some magic sorcery that they can eat at McDonald?s every day for every meal and not get fat. At their job, they want to put in the minimum amount of work necessary because they feel they ?don?t get paid enough to go above and beyond.? It?s ridiculous.

People seem to feel as if they are entitled to ?better things? simply just because. I?m not sure where this mentality came from? Maybe their parents babied them their entire life and they are used to being spoon-fed everything in life? Life is hard. If you aren?t willing to put in the work, you?ll never make it. You?ll be the lowest paid person at your company, you?ll never get promoted or get a raise, you?ll be unhappy with your physique because you?re lazy, it goes on and on. I honestly feel bad for these people because they will never see their true potential because they aren?t willing to grind and hustle to get what they want. They don?t want to learn new skills that can be applied at work to make their job easier, or take on new responsibilities to show their boss all they can do. They just expect things to be given to them.

When we exercise, WE are the ones putting in the work. How many people do you know who have a gym membership, tells everyone they have a gym membership as if it?s some sort of trophy, but never actually goes to the gym to exercise? I actually know quite a few. In their heads, they feel like they?ve accomplished something by purchasing a gym membership. Almost as if thinking that by paying monthly dues, that their money will magically have their lazy ass get in shape. Unfortunately, it doesn?t work that way. If you want to simply throw money away, you can contact me and I?ll send you my address and you can just send me a monthly check. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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