The Arnold Classic & Muscular Women



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Nothing upsets me more than to see both Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique both excluded from the Arnold Classic. The consensus back in the day was that the women were “going too far,” whatever the hell that means. All of the talking heads were saying that WPD was going to get it right. That it was the more marketable approach to female muscle. Many of the purists in the sport knew better. We knew that guys like Bob Cicherillo wouldn’t stop poking fun at muscular women. And there was no shortage of measures that were taken to try to put limits on what women could do. It really ran the gamut from the 20% Rule to the near extinction of the WBB. When WPD first came out it was the talk of the town. Dana Linn Bailey catapulted it to the headlines. While the buzz brought about new adherents to the muscle world nothing was more depressing than seeing former female bodybuilders actively reduce size. It’s one thing to shed fat but it’s quite another to lose muscle. Some ladies saw success but that vast majority saw nothing but heartbreak.

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