Testosterone Enanthate & Turinabol Cycle Log/Discussion



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Weeks 1 - 10 - Test E 600mg
Weeks 1 - 6 - Tbol 60mg Every day

Weeks 12 - 14
Nolva - 40/40/20/20
Clomid - 100/50/50/25

Aromasin (12.5mg EOD) along with milk thistle and Liv52

***Considering adding Test Prop at the end of the cycle from Week 10 - 12/14 then starting PCT 4 days after.. Also not sure whether to add HCG to help with recovery***

Carlorie intake of about 3000-3500kCal

Routine - Legs/Pull/Push twice a week.

Age: 23
Height: 173cm
Weight: 76.5kg

Body Fat percentage: ~15%

Photos at the start of cycle...



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I injected my first dose of testosterone, 150mg (0.5ml/cc) into right leg (vastus laterallis/outer thigh). Then worked out legs. I was weaker than my previous week. I believe this was most likely due to the mad weekend I had previous to this, drinking and smoking. I didn't have much pip.

Workout: Legs
Muscle Ups ~4/4/4/4
Squat (WU 60kg/10R, 80kg/10R x 5)
Deadlift (WU 60kg/10R, 100kg/10/10/8/6/5/3)

SUPERSET Lunges (25kg/10R each legs x 3)
Machine Trap pulls (20kg each side (ES) 10 40kgES/10 x 4

SUPERSET Leg extensions (32kg/10 x 3)
Laying Hamstring Curls (36kg/10 x3)

Calf raise machine - (42kg/6, 72/6, 62/6 x 3)
Calf extensions on leg push machine (64kg/10 x 5)

Food: Salmon tin (213g) with 150g Brown Rice (200g)
Chicken Brest (150g) with Brown Rice (200g)
Chicken Brest (150g) with Brown Rice (200g)
Preworkout - Ripped Freak 1 scoop, creatine, NO2, BCAA
Post - 1 scoop of Vegan Blend (Myprotein), creatine, BCAA, l-glutamine
Chicken Breat (150g) Egg fried microwave rice (sainsburys) (250g)
Chicken noodle pot Asda
5 eggs, 1 scoop protein

TOTAL MACROS: PROTEIN: 242G CARBS: 319G FAT 61G 2933 Calories

Sleep: ~6/7 hours.

I felt very tired. Legs hurt a bit but not so much due to PIP.

5eggs, scoop of protein
2 meals of: Chicken breast (150g), Brown Rice (150g) and Spinach (50g)
Pre Workout: Dates (45g), RF 1 scoop, Creatine, BCAA, NO2
Post Workout: Dates (45g), 2 scoops protein, Creatine, BCAA, L-Glutamine
PostWorkout: Paella (750g) + 50g chicken breast
5 eggs

Total: P: 265g, C: 284g, F: 71g

Muscle Ups ~4x4
Wide Grip Pull Ups: 8 x 4
Lat Barbell Rows: 40/10R x 2, 50/10R, 60/10R x 2
Hammer Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets 2plates 10 each arm x 2, 3 plates x 2
Barbell curls. 4 sets, 10reps No weightx1, 5kg Each Side x 3
Barbell Behind the back wrist curl - 8 x 3 20kg/30/40
Hammer curls 3 sets, 10 reps EA. 12kg,14kg,14kg
Laterall Dumbell Raises: 4 Sets 12kg,14kg,18kg,16kg
Face Pulls single arms: 4 sets, 10 reps EA. 22kg
Hanging leg raises 10 x 3
Kneeling cable crunch 10/15 x 3

Calves 3 Sets of 12Rx3 (Normal, inner, outer)

Sleep 6/7 Hours. Feeling a lot of drive/horniness


Woke up very tired. Very tired throughout the day. Legs kill and I can hardly walk, not due to PIP though. More to do with the leg workout.

5 eggs + 50g Chicken breast
Chicken Breast (150g), brown rice (150g), Spinach (50g), Fuji apple (~250g)
Chicken Breast (150g), brown rice (150g), Spinach (50g), Fuji apple (~250g)
2 Fuji Apples
Pre Workout: dates (50g), RF 1scoop, creatine, BCAA, NO2
Post Workout: Dates (50g), Protein (2 Scoops), BCAA, Creatine, L-Glutamine
Chicken Breast (150g), Asda Chips (177g), Brown Rice (150g)
5 Eggs, 0.5 TS of coconut oil

TOTAL: 3234 cal P: 268g C: 337g F: 67g

Workout: PUSH DAY

Upside down shoulder press up. 4R. 4R. 3R. 2R.
1st hammer. 1 plate warm up 20R. 1.5p 8R. 2 plates 6/7R. 4R to 1.5P 4R
Incline chest barbell. WU bar 20R. 15ES 10R. 25ES 6R. 6R.
Bench. 60kg. 10R. 9R. 8R
Arnold press 18kg. 9R. 7R. 6R.
Military press. 30KG. 10R. 40kg. 6R. 30kg. 8R.
Dips. 12R. +20KG 4R. No weight. 10R. 12R
Tricep extension. 36kg. 10R. 41KG. 8R. 45KG. 8R.
Cable tricep push down with v bar. 36Kg 15R. 41kg. 12R.

Calf extensions 3 Sets of 3x12 (inner, outer, normal)

Sleep: 8/9 Hours. 3g Melatonin

Rest Day..

Food - 2,646 Cals. P: 203g, C: 238g, F: 77g


Injected 450. Half in each leg to make it up to 600mg a week. Added 60mg of tbol every day. Taken throughout the day (3tabs).

Workout - Legs
Sumo deadlift. 100kg 4x10
Front squats. 60kg 4x10
Leg extensions 4x10
Cable knee ups Each Leg. 4x10
Calf extensions 4x10

Food – P 312g, C 307g, F 58g

Didn’t sleep much. I went out but didn’t drink.


Workout - Chest
Incline dumbbell press. 25kg 15R. 32kg 10R. 36kg 8R 8R 6R.
Flat Bench. 60kg 10R. 80kg 8R. 6R. 70kg. 10R.
Flys. 4 x 10
Dips. 4x 10
Tricep cable extensions. 4 x 10
Standing skull crushers. 4 x 10

Didn’t sleep much again, I went out but didn’t drink.

DAY 7.

Workout - Pull + shoulders
Muscle ups ~5x5
Pull ups 8 x 5
Row 5x10 60kg
Single hand lay pull down 45kg 8R. 59kg 8R. 73kg 8R. 79kg 6R
Kroc rows. 26kg 12R. 30kg 10R. 36kg 8R.
Seated Military press. 30kg 12R. 40Kg 10R. 9R. 7R.
Single arm Arnold press. 14kg 15R. 17R. 16R
seated curls. 14KG. 10R ES. 8R. 10kg. 10R.
Hammer curls. 14kg 8R. 5R.
Arm curl (machine). 18kg 10R.

DAY 8 1st August. Rest day.

Food 2,628cals. P: 197g, C 266g, F 66g

DAY 9 2nd August.

Injected 300mg Test e along with regular 60mg Tbol. Added Liv52. Had a nap in the afternoon.

Food 3202 cals. 383g carbs. Fat 44g. Protein 248g.

Muay Thai. 1 hour
Started muay thai. Only did circuit bag work but with 100% intensity. Absolutely drenched with sweat after this. I also realised my fitness level wasn’t at its peak. I then forced myself to the gym to complete my workout.

Squats. 5 x 10 60kg. 80kgx3. 100kg.
Straight leg deadlift (10 x 3) 100kg, 110 10 x 2
Shrugs (10 x 4) 100kg, 110kg x 3
Leg extensions. (10 x 3) 36kg, 46kg, 54kg
Walking lunges (10 x 3) 10kg each arm, 16Kg
Seated Calf Raises (5 x 10) 32kg, 45kg, 52kgx3

I weighed myself at night (probably not the best thing to do I know but did it anyway..)

WEIGHT: 76.6kg BF 16%.. So I’ve gone up about 1kg but put on 1% body fat!! My diet has been strict. Usually brown rice and chicken breast and egg meals. Not sure how this has occurred but I’m presuming it is due to the slight bloat that comes with Test E and Tbol.

I didn’t sleep much. 7/8 hours. Seems okay but I feel constantly shattered.


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I would start prop week 8 with test e. Then stop at week 12 and then start pct straight. Don't know if what I said just made sense, very sleepy.


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Just to clarify.
Weeks 1-6: Tbol @60mg e/d.
Weeks 1-10: Test E @600mg e/w.
Weeks:8-12: Test P @ Whatever dose you want eod.
Then 3 days later or so start PCT.

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