Test cyp and tren e recomp cycle


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I won't be starting my cycle until the end of the month or the 1st of april. I'm waiting on my caber and nolva and a few other items.
Height 6'3ft
Weight 232lbs
Waist 36.5 inches
Chest 47 inches Lats not spread
Shoulders 51 inches
Wrist 7 inches
Forearms 13.5 inches
Arms 18 inches
Quads 25 inches
Bodyfat over 20%
Weeks 1-10 Test Cyp 500mg
Weeks 1-10 Tren E 500mg
On cycle support Hawthorne berry 1500mg ED
Grapeseed extract 1200mg ED Dandelion root 1100mg ED

Work out routine I do full body workout 3 to 4 times a week. I try to hit atleast ten sets for every major muscle groups.depending on how packed the gym is I usually workout for hour thirty to hours

Cycle goals
I'm trying to get into better shape than I was precovid.i was sitting at 220-225 but with 3.5 inches less on my waist.im posting precovid pictures and pictures now.

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