Test cream and prohormones



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Hey guys glad to be back on here. Had a daughter 5 years ago and really tanked on fitness . Anyway been back in the gym for a bit and have been talking to a buddy about PH’s. I’ve been on 20mg test cream that has an estrogen blocker (starts with a c) in it for about 6 months. What I’m wondering is how Ph’s work while on trt? Obviously don’t have to worry about getting shutdown lol. I’m not ready to pull the trigger on PH’s yet just trying to figure it out. Is there any reason to worry about taking them while on trt? How long of a cycle could I run? Basically anyone with experience care to chime in?


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You’re fine using PH, 4-8 weeks depending on what you use. It’s always risks, with or without trt, do your research and make your own decision.

btw I used cream for a month or so, I didn’t feel any different from injections, I didn’t use anything else during that time though.

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