Test Base (dermacrine vs alpha four vs...)

Hey, out of all iconic formulations products, which one you would consider the best test base for a higher dosed sarm cycle? dermacrine, alpha four, ultra hard, epi ultra, etc?

I know that dermacrine works but I am curious about the other stuff


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If doing a stronger cycle I would go for 4. For lighter cycle go with dermacrine.


I would combine dermacrine and epiandro or 4 Andro and epiandro. Then add the sarms of your choosing. My reason is sarms do not convert to estrogen or dht. So with that combo you got your test base which is actually your estrogen base, the epiandro fills the dht slot and the sarms are your actual anabolics.

At least on paper that looks like a great combo


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Alpha Four is going to be superior - dermacrine would be the more economical choice :)

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