Sylvester Stallone's current workout split



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Well I came across an advertising for Stallone's new line of products, and included in it was his current workout split with sets/reps and exercises too. Just thought some of you might find it interesting so here it is:
Routine is done on Mondays, Wed, and Fridays, with the weekends off. No longer than 30-60sec rest between sets, alternating high rep with low rep sets.

Leg Press or Squats- 1 set 20 rep, 1 set 6 reps
Leg Curl- 1x6, 1x20
Seated Row- 1x20, 1x6
WG pulldown- 1x6, 1x20
Bench (dumbell or barbell) 1x20, 1x6
Cable Flyes- 1x6, 1x20
Military Press seated- 1x20, 1x6
Preacher curl- 1x6, 1x20
Rope Pushdowns- 1x20, 1x6
Standing Calf raise- 1x6, 1x20
Rope crunch- 1x20, 1x6
Leg Raise- 1x6, 1x20

This is what hes doing now to lean down for his new boxing reality show. He also included his diet (clean, but basically pimping his supps)

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