Sustanon 250/Tren E/DBol Bulking Cycle


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Hi everybody,
I'm 6,5" 187lbs, my target weight is 253lbs.
I've done several standard cycles like susta/deca/dbol.
I would like to do the following cycle to get massive lean mass gains;
1-4 Dbol - 60mg ED
1-10 trenbolone E 200mg Mon-thur (400mg wk)
1-10 testosterone enanthate 250mg Mon-Thur (500mg wk)
1-10 Hydroxo Mon-thurs (2x wk)
im splitting the injects mon-thursday
dostinex for 6 weeks off cycle

Would that be good for a maximum of lean muscle mass gain?
And is the PCT OK?
Or can you suggest me another effective mass gain cycle?

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