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This cycle has been a bit strange... so been jabbing twice a week for weekly totals of the following

Weeks 1-5 Test C 600mg
Weeks 6-10 Test blend 720mg (Dec 252, ent 234 and cup 234)

Now my source has had to change and the new source doesn't have anything in stock that I've already taken this cycle. So week 11-15/6 is as follows

Weeks 11-15 Test Blend 810mg a week (prop 180, pheny 180, Dec 180, base 180 and isocap 90)

Those last five weeks basically it's sust 450mg blend which I intend to jab twice a week @.9 of a ml.

Am I right in assuming that one that is fine to do i.e. two jabs a week despite the fast esters and second my dosing of 810mg per week of this blend is also a good idea.

Any advice is welcome. All due to a change of source mid cycle. All pct and cycle support in place and happy with.


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You're thinking way to hard about this. It's perfectly fine to inject that bled twice a week. You can inject 0.5 ml EOD, but you won't see much difference if any

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