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I'll start of by thanking Steve and the team for such great customer service and swift shipping to the UK (only taken 7days!!).(y)

Steve contacted me the day after ordering to let me know a supplement wasn't going to be available to ship straight away. Offered to hold back the shipment, split it and send as and when supps were available or a refund on the item.

I asked to switch it for another product and Steve got that arranged so that the order went out the next day. Communication and getting things done is what it's all about and SNS do it right :cool:

Now on to my I'm currently using Evomuse Brite and would you guys dose Lean edge/Paradoxine/Ashwangandha and Vaso6!!
Perhaps I should hold off and run them after, or would it make an exceptional stack!!

Currently running a cal deficit (most days!), 10-15k steps per day; walking with the pram and then a 20-30min blitz on the Peloton in the evening.


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Nice always great to hear .. thanks for the support from SNS team as always which is what motivates Steve and the crew im sure and take pride in service and quality.
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