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SUK’s Old Forrest White Hulu Final Review:

Potency: 9.25/10 this is a very strong strain. I kept my doses very low.

Duration: 8/10 this is a long lasting white strain. White strains in general are not long lasting like greens are known to be. This white strain lasts me 4 hours.

Mood: 9/10 great mood boost.

Energy: 9.5/10 great energy that feels more natural and not stimmy.

Relaxation: 7/10 this is an energizing strain more than relaxing strain I was still able to relax when I wanted to.

Pain Relief: 7/10 some pain relief with higher doses.

This is top notch quality kratom. This is my favorite white kratom I have tried. I am not usually a fan of white kratom, but this one won me over right away. I highly recommend giving this strain a chance.
Thank you for the kind words and excellent review! We are very happy that you enjoyed your products.

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