Unanswered Stomach pain from pregnyl?


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So having ran out of ovitrelle i resorted to pregnyl 5000 iu amps i received from an online source.
It was msd pregnyl, in a package 1x 5000iu amp and 1x 1ml solvent (sodium chloride water).

Well, first of all, comparing the solvent amp from both packages i was shocked. One looked fine but the other amo was 1/2 the size! And there was less than 0,5ml of solvent in there!

ok , so this is ridicoulous, i thought to myself. But i went for it anyway. Well, after every injection later that day i would get this bad upper stomach pain that spread to my neck znd jaw and then i felt this burn in the chest just like you do when you eat something you dont tolerate.

I was pissed, needles to say. Also, my balls started to atrophy. Was that hcg in the amps, or something else? I dont know. But that tiny amp was sketchy as fuk.

Long story short, went to the local pharmacy today and bought ovitrelle again. I am personally done with these BS online black market sources.
I will continue to lie my ass off and proceed to buy at the pharmacy.

Anyone had similar experience with pregnyl?

edit: is it against the rules to post a picture of ampoules containing solvents?
i mean, it is not a steroid and i want you guys to see the ridicoulousness.

fuk it here we go:

And the neck of the underdosed amp is like 1/2 the length.

and no, there isnt any water "trapped" in the neck of the ampoule.
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