Starting new cycle ten ace/test prop/anavar -


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Hi guys, it's been a little while since my last post. Here's some details. I haven't worked out since October 2013 - took the winter off. I had many problems with my cycle last year, seems I started a cycle that didn't work well with my metabolism which is high to begin with. So I cycled and had very little gains and ended with acne. I am 6'1', 197lbs, 15.3% body fat and 46 years old. It was always hard for me to gain weight and my test e/ eq cycles with hgh just proved to make muscle gains even harder. I just couldn't eat enough. So this year I am hitting a test prop, tren ace and anavar cycle. I used short esters so I can adjust if I get sides and this will be a short cycle. 4 to 6 weeks, then I will pct take 4 to 6 weeks off and hit a 12 week cycle to get me through the summer. I am also doing HGH @ 4 iu daily. Aside from opinions, and suggestions - my concerns lie mostly with acne. I tried proactive, if it did anything it made things worse. The best thing I have tried was ivory soap with no oils/conditioners and witch hazel. But it's still not completely gone. What can I do aside from trying to keep proestrogen in check with nolva? If it weren't for the acne I would have no problems. Thank you for your help.

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