Starting a PH new cycle, undecided on which way to go.


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Ran 1,4,epi this time last year @ 330/330/1250 and had some good results. Clomid and AlphaMax PCT and no issues other than a small drop in libido.

I'm ready to run another one, and I was thinking of dropping the 4-andro.

Anyone have experience or opinions as to which way to go?

I'm 34, this is my 2nd PH cycle. 5'11 205 18% bf with lots of lifting experience. Diet and cardio are spot on.

My goals are to lean out and add a few lbs of muscle.

Or, is there something better you reccommend? I haven't done a lot of research in over a year, so there may be something new.



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If you're looking for dry, lean and retainable gains from a PH run, I'd recommend 1-Andro and Epi-andro. The Epi-Andro would act as your Test/DHT base to help with things like libido and lethargy (whilst also giving you a more alpha feeling and boosting your strength gains). Then the 1-Andro would be you're muscle builder. How many pounds you gain would ultimately come down to your training, diet and surplus, but the PH's would help you make best use of those extra macro's.


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I’m almost identical to you bro (bit taller and 2 years older) - ran exactly the same as a first stack last year as well (good results and enjoyed it).

I’ve just started havoc (epistane) and great as a second stack. Honestly underwhelmed with the first week as was expecting some early kick in from the oral trest (I’m also using DT) but obviously too early to comment on the stack as a whole. I do miss the epiandro pwo though.....

My other option was a nanodrol/nano 1t/4AD stack which I’ll run next (basically the nano 1 t and 4 ad are the same as 1/4 andro but a 1 step conversion instead of 2.)

I’m guessing like me pinning is out for you? I’m trying to get myself there by the end of the year but not happening yet.

So many options for you though haha

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