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What considerations should be made when considering stacking natty testosterone boosters?

Atm, I'm specifically considering stacking OL king's blood with tribulus alatus. Would this be ok at full dosage or should I reduce the dosage of one or both? Or perhaps shorten the cycle?
Would starting tribulus alatus after two months on king's blood be ok?

Also, what's the difference between tribulus alatus and tribulus terrestris?



Stack them however you want. Alatus is more potent than terrestris.

I’m actually trying out a bunch of “T boosting” supplements as a “supply chain booster” with RAD-140 and YK-11.

My hypothesis is that if you crank up the T output with pro-hormones, unless you also crank up the precursors at the same time, you’ll exhaust the pathway and reach preventable suppression.

I’m currently using Infinite Labs Dagger as a pre and have DHEA, tribulus, tongkat ali in my post workout molehill of supplements. I’ve also made sure there is enough fat in my diet.

3 weeks into cycle and not a hint of suppression. Seems very, very much the other way, in fact. :)

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