Unanswered Stack Advice / Suggestions Needed for Return from Injury

bubble boy

I am about 5 weeks into a 12 week Elbow Surgery recovery. I have started back with cardio,
Seated Calves, Lag extensions and abs......about all I can do with one arm in a brace and not able to bend yet. At 55 I'm not able to hold muscle mass well without heavy free weights so I'm trying to plan my supplements and stocking up as I see sales. So far I have:
1 Follidrone
1 Viron
1 Vector
2 Anabolic Effect
2 M test
Assuming I will start once I can start lifting even light, would you suggest taking..
AE run both bottles along with either Viron or M test
a few weeks off
Run 2 bottles of Vector, 2 follidrone and M test or Viron
Thoughts?, suggestions, additional supps?
I just need to stay away from something that will make my joints hurt.
Prior to the injury I was about 220 but probably 15-18% BF
With my cardio I'm leaning out but losing muscle mass. Double jeopardy with cardio and no weights.

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