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After careful consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to need to taper off of narcotic pain meds and prednisone/oral hydrocortisone before I start full-on fasting. I’m at the point where serious adrenal suppression has probably occurred and stopping the corticosteroids cold-turkey just isn’t an option without considerable risk.

As many of you probably know, cortisol elevates during fasting but not if negative feedback inhibition from exogenous corticosteroids has shut down the adrenal glands. This is no different than the HPG-axis suppression from exogenous androgens, except that one actually needs cortisol to live, while testosterone isn’t needed to sustain life.

Also, glucocorticoids elevate both glucose and insulin, and ketosis will suffer greatly if I attempt to fast while I’m tapering.

The opioids I will also be tapering off of and if withdrawal is or becomes an issue I have gabapentin, baclofen, and diazepam to lessen the discomfort and to make the transition smoother.

Starting today until March 20, I’ll be consuming a single small ketogenic meal after sunset with no water during the day. For the first few days I’ll probably be taking 120-180 mg of pseudoephedrine upon waking to help control my appetite, as both opioids and corticosteroids make me constantly hungry.

Starting March 21, at the conclusion of my drug tapers, I will begin fasting with only water, lime juice, electrolytes, black coffee or green tea (if needed), oral hydrocortisone in the morning prior to any anticipated heavy exertion (if any), tianeptine (if needed for mood), a nicotine patch if my energy really starts crashing or the pain from my crusted discs becomes too overwhelming, and melatonin at bedtime.

For exercise I will be walking daily once the actual fasting starts. There will be likely be no before and after pics, and no daily weigh-in. I’m doing this as a gift to my son, who is 4, who needs me to live a very long and healthy life. All previous fasts have had a large aesthetic element but I want this one to be completely selfless. I’ll log my weight once per week.

I will not read or watch any news, nor any TV or movies except uplifting documentaries, and the only social media I will be active in is Instagram (pics of my son) and this forum.

At the conclusion I hope to have healed my body enough that I can begin training again, and most-importantly to try to see life as a gift instead of an affliction. Presently, the only time I’m not abjectly miserable is the short period each week I get with my son. It would be nice to be able to see at least some of the joy and wonder and amazement of this world like my son does, instead of seething with sadness, anger, resentment, and regret. I can only barely remember what it felt like to see my life as anything but a tremendous burden. Except for when I’m with my son? all of my hope, optimism, inspiration, humor, joy, gratitude, compassion, empathy, and warmth are just gone and no matter how deeply I dig, I just can’t find them. I’m constantly filled with emptiness so profound that I have stopped loving everyone but my son and have basically abandoned all of my friendships. I used to want to change the world for the better — now I find myself hoping for a nuclear war or Yellowstone eruption. I don’t want this any more.


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