Some of the old school PH i have found access to. Got questions.


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Howdy y'all

Always great here at answering questions so I thought I would ask. I have checked a couple places for info and it seems for some its all over the place as one said epistaine is not methylated, which is one thing i know that it is.

So There is a company I got some info from and they are very reputable as I have used other things from their sister company. They have the various sarms as well as prohormones and peptides.

I am on trt at 200mg pharm test cyp per week. I have ran a couple UGL testosterone only cycles. My access to Anabolic s is not as good as many here, but i can get some stuff,. The reason i am wondering about these products is i can pay by paypal and no "suppliers" are really big on paypal anymore.

I was mostly figuring using some of these in place of say dianabol or wintrol or tbol This is some of what they have all are tabs
DMZ 25mg
Epistane 25mg
Msten 25mg
Trenavar 25mg
halodrol 25mg
Hexadrone 25mg
Sdrol 20mg

They also have ment, but when i ran the prices against the dosage per day it really was no affordable. I know all are mehtylated. The prices will vary from $60-$80 to run for 4 weeks. Now i think the msten is dosed where i could take 1 cap a day while the others are probably at least two. So say i could get dboll for like $45 for 100 10mg tabs considering water weight and stuff anyone see a benfit in these or say yk11 or s23? My understanding is some of this is used in place of anavar. One of the first things i was told about the gear is that primobolan and anavar is the hardest stuff to find that is real and or dosed the right way.

Typical kind of cycle i would run would be 14-16 weeks and something like 500mg test ( plus trt so total of 700) and then 500mg or 600 mg eq. So i figured use 1 of these for the first 4 weeks and then one the last four weeks. I was going to put prices but did not know if that was allowed since i d ont think the company is a forum sponsor, but I have heard a few guys say they like dmz or sdrol better than dboll. I have lost 100lbs since i got back to the gym 5 years ago, but still am around 300lbs and my bf is about 16% ( i know, i know, but i do some bodyguard work and need the extra power and am on trt anyway, plus i get regular check ups_) . The bf and my weight are the main reason i am trying to hold off on dbol. The only other steroids i might run instead of what i mentioned are tren acetate or deca or npp. But likely will be eq. I was also figuring about just using yk11 or s23 as the finisher as they usually have good prices at various sponsors we have here.

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