Some help with topicals with add in ingredients (clenviscerate and others)


Everyone has probably heard of clenviscerate, the evomuse topical with clen added. So I have a few different topicals and I was thinking off adding in some products as I can’t stand the effects oraly and injectable (HELIOS).

So could you guys give me your thoughts on good combos, if the products would work together, if they should mix, if you tried similar and so on please.... (I know clenviscerate works I used it years ago) and maybe anything else that could be added?

Topicals =
OL 11-kt
Mpa vaso burn
Evomuse supernova
Evomuse hypernova
Evomuse eviscerate smoulder

Add ins =
Clen tabs
Alphaburn (ALPHA Y)
Helios (liquid) = clen 40mcgs + y 6mg (per ml) I have 40 mls

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