SNS Thermagize XT (new formula) mini review

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I just took my first dose of the new formula today. I have tried the original Thermagize which I've reviewed and that was awesome, kick in the balls product but it did have some sides (ex. constant headaches, stomach squelchiness, shivering, sometimes nauseous feeling).

So I took the first pill today around 4:00pm and I felt it by 4:30pm. It was a nice, clean energy increase (which one can feel). I worked out at 5:00pm and I had a good, productive, energetic workout. I'd like to add that with the original Thermagize, I couldn't work out with it. My heart used to beat so fast that it felt uncomfortable if I did any kind of strenuous workout. But with the new formula I had no such issue. Also I did not get any headache or stomach squelchiness or shivering or nauseaus feeling with the new formula. I didn't eat dinner till 7:00pm so by then I did feel a feeling of unsettling emptiness in my stomach which was resolved with some dinner.

Overall, it's a great energy product and I look forward to using it especially for pre-workouts and as an afternoon energy pep.

Thanks for reading my review :giggle:

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