SNS Phosphatidic XT + Suppress C review



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Hi there,

I wanted to give a brief review of the above.

I have been using a phosphatidic acid product from Predator for some time before and had some decent results and after some time off I have started SNS Phosphatidic XT and I have to say, it is an absolute blast. After a week or so the strength gains started and pretty much every gym session I can add some more pounds to every exercise, which is pretty amazing. There is also the effect of all day fullness, which makes it even more worthwhile.

I can highly recommend it.

As far as the suppress c is concerned, I had a problem with the gut and love handles, which woulnd not go away. I had terrible sleep as well, all most likely attributed to high cortisol. After the first bottle I have lost already a good amount of fat and sleep is much improved. Thats a big relief.

I have not noticed any down sides to be frank, so a way to go to combat fat.

SNS is a very solid brand, really like them. Thumbs up

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