SNS Higenamine, SYN-30, & Eria Jarensis review


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I picked up the Higenamine and the Eria Jarensis a few months ago when they were released and the SYN-30 I already
had that in my stimulant arsenal for a long time so after really taking my time and trying each of these out this is my
feedback on each of the stimulants.

I don't use caffeine or any other types of stimulants any time of the day except before my early a.m. weight training
workouts and I've always been a believer in rotating your pre's each and every workout so you don't become tolerant
to same stimulants. I like to buy solo stimulants and nootopics and add them to certain pre's that I feel might need
more of a kick in either energy or focus.

Higenamine- On the label it says it's good for energy,focus,appetite control,and mental clarity. I picked it up for the energy,
focus and mental clarity that it's supposed to deliver. I started out trying it at 1 cap 30mg uncapped dumped into a PW
and after trying a few times at this dose over the course of a few weeks using it sparingly I really didn't notice anything
from it. I then tried it a bunch of times a 2 caps 60mg the same way dumped into pre's that I felt needed a bit more of a
kick and honestly I didn't notice much of anything from it so for me I'll finish off this container and it WON'T be something
I purchase again in the future.

SYN-30- On the label it says mild stimulant fat loss agent & appetite suppression and I got it for the stimulant effect.
Each cap delivers 30mg of Synephrine HCL and a container has 180 caps and I've had this container for ages cause all
I need is 1 cap and I use it sparingly like I mentioned earlier I try not to become tolerant using the same stimulants and
caffeine amounts in my pre's before I train. This at 1 cap dumped into a PW uncapped delivers a decent energy boost
with a slight warming effect that really helps give the other stimulants in the PW a better kick so it's been an effective
energy enhancer to any PW that I've added it to and the 180 caps last FOREVER! I still have more than 1/2 a container
and I've had this for 3 yrs but when I do finally finish it this is one I WILL buy again in the future. :)

Eria Jarensis- On the label it says Clean Energy & Focus, Fast Acting Long Lasting, Supports Positive Mood and I got
this product for ALL those effects. I already have had experience with Eria cause it's in a lot of pre's so I'm very familiar
with the effects. When I've used this I've again uncapped it and added it to pre's that I felt needed a little extra kick in
energy and focus. I've been testing this out since it was released early in 2021 and at 1 cap cause I really haven't needed
more than 1 cap, it definitely helps give the other stimulants in the PW a better kick and the focus is taken up a good
notch. The mood elevation is right on the borderline with the 150mg and you feel it ever so slightly and I can tell at
200mg from my experience with pre's that had 200mg it's the sweet spot for me to really feel that mood elevation but
again 150 has worked well for me so IF I decide to test it at 2 caps 300mg I'm sure that mood elevation will be very strong.
This is one of those stimulants which I feel is a MUST HAVE for anyone who likes to add their own stimulants to pre's like
I do. I grab pre's on very low clearance prices and I add my own stimulants or pump ingredients and make them much
more effective without paying the crazy $$$ that some of these pre's are costing that keep coming out each and every day.
This Eria Jarensis caps is something I will DEFINITELY be buying again in the future.

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