SNS Fadogia XT - Ultra-Potent - 625 mg. Per Capsule - Now Available



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Thanks for always breaking down. I was just assuming fadogiapure was 20:1 as another product on the market says they use fadogiapure in their product but puts 20:1 on the label of the supplement. I seen 10:1 and also other 20:1 but don't know if it is fadogiapure as like you mentioned up above.
You're very welcome. I'm glad to help.

I know what you're referring to and I can't speak on theirs, I can only speak on the one that we use and part of using it is being given guidelines for how to list it on the labels so that's what we do.

I can check the ratio extract, I just wanted to emphasize that that isn't the important part of it bc the important part is what it is extracted for.

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