Sky high fsh, lh, normal prolactin & estradiol


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Results in last week:

fsh 30.7 u/l
lh 9.9 u/l
progesterone 7.4 nmol/l
oestradiol 92 pmol/l
prolactin 225 mu/l

Cortisol 600

Doc forgot to ask for test but last time it was in the mid norm range. Various symptoms - insomnia, major fat loss, weird chest pains and anxiety . Initially taking as little as 50mg dhea felt like amphetamines or strong coffee. Larger doses have profound positive effect - which was not the case in my twenties.

Suspected parasitic infection due to gastro issues/night sweats, intermittent since Iraq ie Bartonella/Babesia. I know these can (potentially) attack hyp/pit/gonads and organs. But would that raise fsh so high?

Can anyone help interpret these results? I am certainly not getting stronger on the weights and feel a little less inclined to do ****. My doc actually passed these results as normal. Age 46. Endo time? Thanks for any advice...

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