Skunkman Hits It Hard and Fast


Been a lurker here forever and was is decent shape a few years ago but I let myself go and have now have a renewed fire to bring myself back. Life is too short to be fat and lazy. I started lifting again about two months ago and have been logging my workouts but yesterday I left my log at the gym and no one turned it in so I'm going to keep a paper log and the one here. I've been reading allot the last two months and have tried to formulated a more solid plan than "eating less, moving more".

I don't have any tape measurements but I will take them in the morning and log them here.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 289

Kroc Rows
Lat Pull Downs
Upright Rows
LRL DB Preacher Curls
BB Over Head Press
Side + Front DB Raises
Lying Rear DB Raises
Rear Cable Laterals
Leg Press
Glute Ham Raise
Calf Raises
Bench Press
DB Flys
French Press
Periodization Protocol
Week 1-2 - 10-12x3
Week 3-4 - 5x5
Week 5-6 - 8-10x3
Week 6-8 - 3x3
Week 9 - Active Recovery

GPP - Pick One
Heavy Rope Training
Sledgehammer + Tire
Grab Drills
Car Pushing
Kettlebell Swings

Lifting Days Schedule
9:00 - Na-R-Ala
9:30 - Meal 1, VitD, VitB, Leucine, Probiotic
11:30 - Niacin, Alcar, Lclt, Plc, Beta Alanine, EAA, Leucine
12:00 - Gym, EAA, Leucine
1:00 - PWO Whey, EAA, Creatine, Leucine
2:00 - Meal 2, VitB, Leucine
4:00 - Alcar, Lclt, Plc
5:30 - Na-R-Ala
6:00 - Meal 3, VitC, VitB, Fish Oil, Leucine
9:30 - Na-R-Ala
10:00 - Meal 4, Vitc, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Fish Oil

Meal 1 - 10oz Oatmeal, 3 Whole Eggs, 6 Egg Whites, 2 Cup Bell Peppers, 2 tbs Salsa
Meal 2 - 10oz Sweet Potato, 8oz Chicken Breast, 2 Cup Broccoli
Meal 3 - 8oz Fish, 2 Cup Asparagus
Meal 4 - 8oz Beef, 2 Cup Spinach
Fat - 80
Carb - 141
Prot - 249
Cals - 2280

GPP, Rest Schedule
9:00 - EAA, Leucine
12:30 - EAA, Alcar, Lclt, Plc, Leucine, Creatine, Beta Alanine
1:00 - GPP, EAA, Leucine
1:30 - Na-R-Ala, EAA, Leucine
2:00 - Meal 1, VitB, VitC, VitD, Leucine, Probiotic
4:00 - Alcar, Lclt, Plc
5:30 - Na-R-Ala
6:00 - Meal 2, VitB, VitC, Fish Oil, Leucine
9:30 - Na-R-Ala
10:00 - Meal 3, VitB, VitC, Fish Oil, Leucine, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium

Meal 1: 3 Eggs, 6 Egg Whites, 8oz Chicken Breast, 8oz Sweet Potato, 2 Cup Bell Peppers, 2tbs Salsa
Meal 2: 8oz Beef, 2 Cup Spinach
Meal 3: 8oz Fish, 2 Cup Broccoli
Fat - 80
Carb - 77
Prot - 244
Cals - 2000

Supplement Dosage
Probiotic - 8 Billion
Vitamin C - 500mg
Vitamin D - 5000IU
B-Complex - 1 Cap
Selenium - 200mcg
Zinc - 30mg
Magnesium - 400mg
Fish Oil - 10g, 5g
Leucine - 2g
Na-R-Ala - 100mg
Niacin - 1g
Alcar - 1g
Lclt - 1g
Pcl - 1g
Beta Alanine - 5g
Creatine - 5g
EAA - 10g

Advice or criticism would be gladly welcomed.


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Looks well thought out. Good job.

My only criticism would be that I don't see any cardio in your training, I know some people insist that it isn't necessarily but personally I would recommend at least a little bit.

Otherwise, well done. I'm sure some other folks will chime in and have something to say.


I'm doing HIIT style General Physical Preparedness (GPP) on Wednesday and Sunday. No not traditional but cardio none the less. What do you think about the calories? Too low?


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I'm doing HIIT style General Physical Preparedness (GPP) on Wednesday and Sunday. No not traditional but cardio none the less. What do you think about the calories? Too low?
It wouldn't hurt to increase them a bit, IMO. for a guy your size (I guessed your age at 21) ... Your maintenance calories would be approximately 3200 with 3 days activity considered. I would prefer to see you increase by about 200 cals per day or so. You can always reduce them back down if results aren't coming.

IME it is better to take weight loss slower, it's easier to preserve muscle mass and you will look better when it's all said and done losing less weight but keeping muscle mass rather than losing x number of extra pounds and losing some muscle mass.


Woke up on schedule and fasted until 2pm today. Didn't feel hungry until right before I ate.
Meal 1: 8oz chicken breast, 2 cups cooked spinach, 1/2 tbs EVOO
Meal 2: 8oz sweet potato, 8oz %95 beef
Meal 3: Plan on having crab legs and a salad in a couple of hours.

I like to eat and enjoy cooking some good food. The original plan laid out in the first post is more of a guideline of the macros I want to hit. I was contemplating the removal of the carbs on my GPP days to speed up fatloss but I want optimal recovery. Something that I may toy around with.

The only supplements that I'm taking at the moment are:
Genomyx Protocol(1g lclt, 3g beta alanine, 3g leucine, 250mg agmatine)

I made an order for the remainder that should be here some time next week and will be using all bulk supplements once the Protocol runs out. I loved the way that the three carnitine salts made me feel in the past so I know I'm in for a treat. Also looking forward to seeing the repartitioning effects of Na-R-Ala. I was wondering if anybody out there had any ideas on an all natural flavoring agent that could help with getting the powders down.

Kettlebell Swings 40x15x6

I have had this kettle bell forever and have finally used it for something other than a door stop. I swung with as much intensity as I could while maintaining proper form with 30-40 seconds rest in between sets.

Feeling good about life in general today. Mood has been stable, and looking back at what I was like two months ago it is night and day. I would get depressed and bing out on food to make myself feel better and then feel worse than before I ate. Vicious cycle but I have allot healthier relationship to food at this point. We aren't quite in married bliss but it's a daily effort to make it better and I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.


Close I'm 23. I have the metabolism of a sloth so I'll try and add an extra 50g of protein, or a bedtime snack of cottage cheese.


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Close I'm 23. I have the metabolism of a sloth so I'll try and add an extra 50g of protein, or a bedtime snack of cottage cheese.
You could use those extra 200 calories interchangeably between your macros. Almost using them to carb cycle a bit. This would be a small change, but might make a difference.

Good log. In for this!



Not too worried about this. My clothes are considerably looser and I believe I have been gaining a decent amount of muscle the last 9 weeks, taking into account muscle memory. My definition is allot more pronounced this last week or so, and my belt is almost ready to go down a notch.

3:00 - Two scoops Trunutrition Whey (Jamocha Shake is absolutely scrumptious!), 2oz Cashews, 1tbs Flax Meal
6:00 - Two Artichoke Mozzarella Chicken Sausages, Skinny cow cheese round
9:30 - 1.5 cups cottage cheese, Two servings Whey, 1tbs Flax meal
Cals: 1850
Fat: 93
Carb: 67
Protein: 208

Macro wise this was ideal for a rest day. I'm disapointed that I relied on so many supplements to get my protein in. Was pretty much out of food so this worked, but in the future I need to limit my supplemental protein intake. Hit costco today after the gym and bought 25 lbs of meat and a bunch of vegetables so this should keep me for the next two weeks.

Notraining today but I have a Rumble Roller and did an hour session of Self Myofascial Release. My IT bands and quads hurt so good when I do this. You truly feel rejuvenated after one of these sessions. Also since I started doing this (and lifting) my knee pain has disappeared. Highly recommended.

Still waiting on my shipments to come in, should be tomorrow or Wednesday. Have been doing allot of research on androhard and DHT lately. I'm seriously considering doing a 16 week, full dose Androhard cycle, with 20mg of raloxifene ED. I don't have blood work but know that I am estrogen dominant. I carry a considerable amount of fat in my chest and lower body and think that I would be ideal candidate for this kind of research.

Was a pretty relaxed day for the most part. I'm moving to Phoenix on the 5th of next month so if I do start a cycle it will be after I find a gym in Arizona.



11:00 - 1 serving whey
2:00 - 1 serving whey
2:45 - chicken salad from subway
5:30 - shrimp vegetable stir fry(8oz shrimp)
7:30 - shrimp vegetable stir fry(8oz shrimp)
Calories - 1860
Fat - 67
Carb - 57
Prot - 263

Pretty low cal day so far so I'll have some cottage cheese here in a few hours to up them a bit. After reading about estrogen dominance and having gyno from an M1T cycle I did back in 2003 I decided that I will reduce the carbs to just postworkout on lifting days and limit the selection to sweet potatoes. Was on my way to costco today after the gym and had subway so I didn't have any PWO carbs today.


135x10 snatch grip
225x10 snatch grip
295x5 snatch grip
295x3 over under
345x1 over under (PR)

DB Rows

Lat Pulldown

I switched from a snatch grip immediately to over under to finish the 295 set and was feeling quite strong so I decided to load up the bar a little more and see what I could do. Ended up hitting a PR which I'm quite pleased with considering that I had never done deadlifts in my life up until about 9 weeks ago. I was sweating buckets and ended up getting a wicked lower back pump that made me cut the workout a little short. Didn't do any upper trap work or bicep work but I'll do them tomorrow as it's shoulder day and its less intense.


I went ahead and ordered 4 bottles of androhard, 2 bottles of raloxifene, and vitex. Going to try and hit this gyno hard for the next 6-9 months. My basics haven't come in yet but since I've moved on to shinier toys im not as excited but still looking forward to them.


Over all a productive day that i believe is pushing forward toward my goals. Which are to:
a)1500 lb total weight - 9 months
b)%10 bodyfat - 9 months

Usually a transformation from such a high body fat percentage to %10 would take longer but being enhanced should allow me to drop my calories quite a bit to reach my goals with in a 9 month time frame.

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