Side effects after cycle - any advice?


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Hi everyone, I would like to ask your opinion.

Last year I ran my first cycle. I ran it for 8 weeks and it consisted in Super Mandro + Dermacrine + ProteX Cycle Assist + Joyful Joints + Taurine.

PCT was Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs for 8 weeks.

The results were great and I managed to keep my gains for a few months. Unfortunately shortly after finishing my PCT I started feeling lethargic, my libido levels went extremely low and I slowly started to lose all the energy and motivation to train (it was the beginning of the first lockdown last year so having to train from home didn’t help for sure!). All those gains are now lost and on top of that, my cholesterol levels went a bit high!

Now - thinking about those gains and form I achieved last year, I am really tempted to run another cycle as soon as the gyms will open again next month (I'm based in the UK). But at the same time I am worried about those negative effects and also losing all the gains after a few months again, which would make the whole thing absolutely pointless!

I’m wondering if it was probably the PCT what was not enough to put my body back on track after the cycle?

I read good things about Arimistane and was considering that as a PCT instead this time? I would welcome your advice.

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