Sibutramine: Conspiracy or unsafe?/Slim Xtreme Globe All Wellness


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I just wanted to know if u think Sibutramine is safe or it deserves to be canned.

-Back in the end of the year of 2010, I was looking for Slim Xtreme. I was 200 lbs then. What I did find was Slim Xtreme by Globe All Wellness.I didn't realize this wasn't the same product as AX Slim Xtreme. Regardless, with a combination of low carbing and this, I lost 50 lbs in 3 months, the first 20 coming off in 3 weeks. For over 2 years now, I've kept most of this off but up about 7 lbs recently. Even though I haven't been using any pills since like 8 months, the weight gain is from having a really Jolly feast over the entire holiday season. Today, I've discovered that Globe All wellness went through an FDA seizure directly at their company only days ago. (FEB 13 2013 but i can't link it).

Then I also know that Sibutramine has been banned from supplementary usage. Is this stuff really unsafe, or is it just like ECA where its only people who abuse it are problem makers? There was a group of obese/former obese who defended the product. But then what gets me, should I be using a product that masks their ingredients? Did these guys re used SX's expired name or was this the same company in a different format? Well, whatever . I can't find the product anymore. You can find the GOLD anywhere, but I highly am AGAINST THAT.

A friend and I used the Gold edition and we had the worst diarrhea of all time. And as for the other good pills, I didn't even use the full dosage ( I opened the caps and used half) and always skipped days. I had much more smooth energy, no jitters, and there was nothing more effective for weight loss, even ECA wasn't as good.

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