Should I Squeeze My Inner Thighs When Doing Bodyweight Squats, Stretches, Etc.?


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Hi Everyone,

As you can see from my other posts, I have always had above average strength in my prime movers. But, always weak and dysfunctional core, tight hamstrings, anterior and right side pelvic tilt, etc. I always had bad posture, etc.

When doing "Cardio Recovery" by Insanity, Shaun T said to "squeeze the inner thighs" when doing these squats.

I did notice that my glutes, core, etc. seemed to have more freedom to contract.

1. Do you guys recommend squeezing the inner thighs at all times?

2. My guess is that my movement mechanics and bracing are poor. Are there any videos that speak about proper mindfulness, what I should be thinking about, when I am doing movements like squat, deadlift, bodyweight exercises, etc.?


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