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a little background:
i have made a dramatic transformation in the last 2 years. First lost 60lb of fat in 3 months, got down to 205 from 270(im 6'2") , then started lifting hard. did my first real cycle of 600mg test for 14 weeks, got up to 230lb and made some incredible gains. did proper pct and kept most of my gains, lost some water weight and fat. Did another cycle of 750mg + 4iu HGH (and hcg and aromasin), which also went great and i got my arms up to 18" which was my goal. Still wasnt lean enough for abs to show. During PCT, i got a pilonidal abscess that really derailed me for a while, dr said i had to stop working out/sweating for a few months while it healed from being drained/packed/etc (miserable not being able to train). I REALLY dialed in my diet and did lots of cardio as soon as it quit bleeding enough to let me do that at least. I got down to my current weight of 192-195lb, and kept most of my gains (somehow..).. i really like the way i look now, abs showing up great, much healthier all the way around, constantly get asked for training advice by normies lol... been preparing for another cycle and ramping up my workouts to be able to make the most of it. Finally ready to do another one. I know i could have done all this with less gear, wish i had started lower for my first cycle (400-500mg) and done 600 instead of 750 for my last cycle, although i had no real side effects besides some water retention, just thinking longterm.

my goals:
i want to stay under 200lb (i like the way clothes fit me at this weight). I want to cut some additional fat and gain some lean muscle (previous recomp cycles worked out great), any gains or fat loss will look great at this point. this time i am going to restrict my calories more though to keep my weight down. My body responded really well to the 4iu gh + test. I am not particularly prone to MPB, but have been taking finasteride just to play it safe. My liver has had a rough life, so i have avoided orals so far, but my bloodwork looks great so i am considering t-bol or anavar this time. i have tren and eq on hand but eq fucks up my bp and i dont want to use tren until i need to (still making great gains on just test). I want to avoid water retention and hairloss if possible.

what i have been considering:
been thinking about running 16wk 400-500mg test with 4iu hgh again, plus maybe 50mg turinabol and/or 300mg of primobalin. id like to avoid water retention and play it safe with the hairline. Would very much appreciate any feedback on my plan, or any suggestions of something that would be better for my goals, or worth considering instead. i know this might be too low since i started kinda higher than i probably should have, so looking for any advice on how i should plan this cycle, definitely open to any suggestions on tweaking the doses/compounds

i really appreciate any feedback and advice, please let me know if you need any more info


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