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immune boosting formula

Fights Off Viruses & Pathogens
Boosts The Immune System
Decreases Inflammation
Protects The Body From Toxins
Reduces Free Radical Damage
Improves Overall Health
Complete Immune System Boosting Formula
Are you the type of person who only worries about getting sick once they’re feeling under the weather? By then, it’s too late. The unfortunate part is that once you’re sick, you don’t feel like doing anything, your physical and mental energy is non-existent, your motivation disappears, and your productivity and performance at work and in the gym suffers. Be proactive and protect your health and immunity by focusing on your immune system year-round. With Max Defense you can help stay protected 365 days a year so you can perform at your best.

Max Defense was specifically formulated to be the most complete immune system supplement on the market. With the advanced formula utilized, you can raise your defense and help ward off viruses before they have a chance to penetrate your armor. Don’t sit back and play defense when you can lead the charge against viruses with Max Defense!

Who Can Benefit from This Product?
There’s no reason to launch a product that only serves a small portion of the adult population. Max Defense was purposely formulated to be used by anyone. Regardless if you are bulking or cutting, Max Defense easily slides into your supplement regimen, helping you stay protected from harmful bacteria and viruses that can do your body harm.

The active ingredients found in Max Defense help put you on the offense by helping your immune system seek out and destroy foreign pathogens that want to penetrate your defense mechanisms and cause you to get sick. Max Defense was methodically formulated for YOU so you can stand strong and stay healthy.

Create an Ironclad Defense System with The Most Complete Immunity Boosting Supplement on the Market
The power of Max Defense stems from the ingredients and how their compounding effects help protect your body by boosting and maximizing your immunity. Max Defense helps build an impenetrable wall that aids in blocking pathogens from entering the body, multiplying, and attacking healthy cells.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin C – A vital part of tissue repair and growth while also aiding in supporting a healthy immune system.
Vitamin D – Helps strengthen immune cells so they can effectively protect you against harmful pathogens.
Magnesium – Supports a healthy immune system and is needed for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.
Zinc – Plays a role in supporting the immune system to effectively fight off pathogens as well as being needed to help make DNA and proteins in cells.
Selenium – An antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation in the body while helping boost and protect the immune system.
Elderberry Fruit Extract – Powerful antioxidant that can boost immunity, minimize inflammation, and has been found to aid in preventing common viruses.
Olive Leaf Extract – Has the ability to fight damaging bacteria while naturally helping to boost immunity.
Andrographis Herb Powder – Natural herb that has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to help protect the body from pathogens and support a healthy immune system.
Kudzu Root Powder – A potent herb that supports the immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory due to its high concentration of isoflavones.
Boneset 4:1 Extract – Known for being used in traditional medicine, it effectively stimulates the immune system to help protect the body from viruses while also helping to reduce inflammation in the body.
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine – Also known as NAC, this ingredient can help build antioxidants such as potent glutathione to protect the body from oxidative damage.
Deodorized Garlic Bulb Powder – Functions as an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal that can help fight viruses and various pathogens.
Turmeric Root Extract – Has the ability to not only effectively boost immunity but also helps fight infections and reduce inflammation.
Quercetin – A powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, stimulates the immune system, and plays an active role in reducing inflammation in the body.
Oregano Leaf Powder –Can help stop the growth and spread of various forms of bacteria, protects the body from toxins, is a natural antifungal, and aids in boosting the immune system.
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