Sarms ended with Msten, and best pct


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I’m 27, 6’4, 215lbs, and been lifting for 8 years.

What i have:

-60 caps Msten/dmz combo 10mg each per cap (Along with proper liver support)

60 caps androdiol- 150mg 4andro and 100mg laxogen

-50 ml ostarine 25mg/ml

-100 ml cardarine 10mg/ml

-50 ml mk677 25mg/ml

- 50 pack clomid 25mg each

-50 pack nova 20mg each

-5000 iu HCG
Can you give me any advice on how you would run this? How would HCG fit into this cycle best? ( I’m worried about atrophy and fertility in the future) .

I’ve done research for several weeks and gotten a lot of mixed information. Some say run hcg right at the end of the cycle, then move to your serm, but can I run mk677 and cardarine while using hcg? Even continue to run them through the serm?

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