SARMs Does anyone know if 'BodyBuilt Labs' is legit?


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My mice have been on 10mg of LGD and after 3 weeks there has been no change in weight and no improvement in strength.

They stopped getting the product for a few days (3/4 tops) because I thought the chemical was junk. But then I read that it can take 3/4 weeks for the supplement to ''kick in'' or ''be noticed''. So then the product was re administered. It's no been another two weeks with nothing noticeable?

((In terms of training, the same training program and diet was followed as weeks previously. Although in weeks previously, PBs were hit. The weights for this training cycle were adjusted for the new PBs and no gains have been noted thus far)). Gains 10kg gains on deadlift and 7.5kg gains were made on body built labs Ostarine but could this have simply been a placebo now that LGD seems to be doing nothing.

Anyone know any good brands on SARMs, Kind regards


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Brands I've tried and liked:

- Levram Labs
- Biotech Nutra
- Xcel Sports
- Kingdom Labs (discontinued pretty sure)

Im sure there is plenty more but these are just known good brands!

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