Unanswered SARM Noob, 8 weeks LDG/MK stack, researched and have a few remaining questions


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Hi everyone, first post...34 male, 6' 205lbs, always natural, have been lifting religiously since my teens. I would love to gain 10-15lbs and keep it on. I have been researching heavily into SARM's and I'm interested in trying LGD-4033 with MK-677. I would probably start with 8 weeks of:
5mg per day LDG
18mg per day MK (1 gram will last through the 8 weeks at that dose)

I have been reading about PCT and its requirements. I found Clomid to be the most popular. I can get this as Clomiphene Citrate as a research chemical, correct? Looks like the typical dosage is 4 weeks 50mg/50mg/25mg/25mg. Is Nolva necessary to add in as well?

As far as bloodwork, do you think this would be necessary for my stack and PCT plan? I read the thread for Privatemdlabs/LabCorp, would just be tough to get to one since I work normal hours.

Anything else I should know? Thank you for the help!

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