Rising Above the Pandemic! 1st Cycle!



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Long time coming and glad I went ahead and did it. I will be running Test E 500mg for 12-weeks. Blood work for a baseline has come in and I’m well above the normal but I’m more than curious for more. PCT protocol is on hand and I will be posting it later on today. I do have an AI but am starting without it to see it it’s needed. I am tossing around the idea of DMZ for the 1st 6 weeks with EPI Andro. I’m conflicted as I know starting with one substance is better and provides the user more clarity, but I’m not looking to do another cycle this year let alone more than 3 ever. This is just me but I want to make the most out of a short run with these. More isn’t always better so I will judge that soon enough.

The goal of this cycle won’t be a bulk but I’m not cutting either. Recomposition sounds right but alas I know my only goal is staying as strong as possible. Diet is fully laid out every two weeks rotating proteins. I still have a metabolism that freaking rocks and I have no problems having access to exactly what I want.

Keeping my mental healthy and grinding forward was a big push for this. I have trained athletically, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and lately fitness. I want to take my threshold up a notch. I see no reason not to. I’m loving the positive space I’ve been in and he course my career and life have gone. Let’s keep it up together!

More updates coming soon as it’s early am and time for bed. See you all soon!

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