Review of Ghost Whey Cereal Milk



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Ghost sent me a sample of their protein to try, and this is my short and sweet review.

Consistency: Not super smooth, and not super grainy. Lies in the middle. I am a texture person, very sensitive to textures.

Taste: Tasted like cereal milk, not my favorite flavor type for protein, but the taste is pretty accurate.

GI distress: None, and this protein has some digestive enzymes.

Open label: They let you know the percentage of each type of protein there is, so that is pretty cool.

Sweetened: With sucralose. I understand it is one of the better tasting artificial sweeteners, but for the price of Ghost whey they should really invest in an erythritol monkfruit blend, an all natural sweetener blend that tastes good, and has no glycemic index impact. Sucralose kills gut bacteria; most supplements have sucralose though.

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