Recomp Cycle



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**This cycle isn't real. hypothetical test subject. created to spark discussion in the forum***

Cycle length 12 weeks:
1-12 Test Cypionate 400-500
1-4 Pheraplex (30 mg)
9-12 Msten (15mg)
Arimidex in hand

Then back to TRT.

Cycle Support Supps:
-Carditone for BP as needed
-Hawthorn Berries
-Liv. 52
-Garlic extract

Current Stats:
6'0", 200 lb, no idea on BF
- Athletic. Looking to add muscle, and maintain functional athleticism, and cardio endurance.

Around maintenance level calories, or a little above.
Around 200 grams protein
Fat and carb intake will be based on instinct, and daily activity level.

Full body routine atleast 3 days/week.
Alternate days will be distance runs, or some metabolic conditioning (HIIT) stuff.

I wont be logging daily, and will just post some progress along the way. This is just to help the test subject stay on track.

**Upcoming post will have pre-cycle bloodwork***

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