Questioning Anavars Legitimacy



Bueno! I was wondering if anybody has heard of 50mg anavar in softgel tab forms.

My guy who always gets me stuff has always hooked me up with good products, but the flip side is I don't get the bottles because of transportation purposes.

And I don't get anything from him anymore, but the last thing was these brown, soft gel tabs which he says are anavar.
He said they are 50mg and they are new. Apparently they are coated in oil so that they pass through the liver easily.

But the fact that they are 50mg kind of made me wonder how legit they are.

I also have tbol, which is the same thing. Round 40mg PINK tabs.

Can anyone verify if they've heard about the description of either of these 2 products?

*im sorry if I've broken a forum rule on this thread. Let me know and ill gladly take it down*

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