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Hi there. Have lurked and read for a while, first post. Please forgive the length :)

My basic question is-- which is best for Sermorelin like benefits ordered from a peptide company?

This long ass post is me asking what I need to purchase to mimic the benifits I'm getting from Sermorelin even if it's still just Sermorelin.

Here is some back info--I am currently on Sermorelin, prescription through Defy medical. Empower pharmacy is having trouble keeping their 15mg vials in stock, the smaller vials aren't as cost effective, and both 15mg vials they have sent me from thier other pharmacies Hallandale and Anazao were junk vials. I take it for sleep, shoulder nerve pain and helps my skin. I've been on it since last Nov. Few weeks after I started the Hallandale vial (May-ish) I stopped being able to sleep, my nerve pain came back and my skin got really dry and tight feeling. (tight like stretching, not like firm anti aging). The 15mg vials became available again through Empower pharmacy, so switched back to that, and in a few weeks I was back to sleeping beautifully, nerve pain gone, and skin was hydrated. (I drink 100oz water a day regardless). Same thing happened a few months later, only with Anazoa pharmacy, as I told them I don't want anything from Hallendale again. (this vial was sent on ice, pre mixed..? which I thought this was a no no because the peptide chains are very delicate and shouldn't even be kept in the fridge door due to shaking it -that was suggestion from the Defy Dr. anyhow, came pre mixed, and same thing. Few weeks in, no more sleep, nerve pain returns, yada..)

So in all the calls and concerns I made with Defy, my actual Dr with them told me to just order it from (idk if I'm allowed to name drop here so I'll abbreviate) BS Peptides. (4 letter color that starts with a B then the big thing up in the air. I apologize if that sounds dumb, idk the rules for the site :) ..he said he has many patients that order it from them and has had no complaints.

My question regards their products, I do not understand the difference in the ones they offer. I know they have to be obscure for the "research" purposes. I have pretty much determined from all I've tried to read on this site that I do not want DAC. That's fine. I don't mind every night. I mostly want it for the sleep, skin and nerve benifits. I've never slept well my whole life, and since starting to sleep well on this it's amazing and I feel so much better. Plus I work swing shift and have never been to sleep or even nap during the day before and I can now.

But I'd also take some of the other perks the other GH types may offer as well, and sounds like they stack synergisticly. Muscle mass/growth is fine with me. I just DON'T want one that will increase appetite. I have a bloating issue I've delt with for 6 years being looked into by a separate Dr, and eating too much or even like any regular person makes it much much worse. (taking sermaglutide is the only thing that has gotten my stomach to not bloat. I still eat super clean, high protein, mostly meat, just less of it on sermaglutide)

I do see just straight Sermorelin on there, but have read a lot on here that it should be paired with another for full effects. I thought cjc was just thier name for Sermorelin but then saw the branch chain has a different number. So I'm not sure I understand what the cjc 1295 is or what any of the others actually do.

This long ass post is me asking what product/products I need to consider to mimic the benifits I'm getting from Sermorelin and perhaps more.

More info on me in case this wasn't long enough😑.. 43, female, gym 4-5 times a week, mostly lifting, no cardio except work and farm, active job and active farm life. 5'3, 156 pounds (down from 185 since March) Tested low thyroid in April. Started T3, T4 (and sermaglutide) in May. Low test so he started me on 12mcg/50ml, recently upped to 15mcg. All Dr prescription through several different blood work.

I'm sorry it's long. Not sure what info is helpful or what isn't. Thank you.

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