Question about PCT specifically Inhibit-e


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For the PCT on my next cycle, I will be using nolva. The way I understand its process is that nolva will bind to the receptors where the estrogen would normally bind to, rather than the estrogen itself. I have a bottle of inhibit-e by sns that I have thought about using in conjunction with the nolva. However, I cannot find any legitimate info on how it works. It is similar to an actual AI in that it binds to the estrogen itself, or does it bind to the receptors? So if I used this stuff in addition to the nolva, would there be a massive estro rebound after I stop the inhibit-e? Or would the nolva have already run its course on the LH and FSH levels and it wouldn't matter anyway? I realize a lot of guys have used inhibit-e in pct before, but is it lowering estro too much?

Bottomline: Should the inhbit-e be used in pct or not at all?


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I usually use it almost like a bridge in my PCTs
read this thread
When I PCT I taper my dose down starting high
IE torem 120,90,60,30
Then add in Erase week 3 and work down

I have found this the most effective way to prevent rebound while allowing my body to reach stasis with out crushing estro too bad

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