Unanswered Question about Clen, cardarine and ECA or YECA stack.


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Hope this is the right place for this.

I have done the ECA stack way back in the day when the E was much easier to get. I have started to do it again and the E is in the form of Bronkaid. I rarely do 3 per day like i used to its often 2 a day, but have noticed some weight come off. Seems the Y really supercharges it. I did not take the one that most do that is 5mg per cap. I think its y hydrocloride. Anway I take a GNC one that has like 400mg per cap. I usually only do 1 Yeca a day and am nearing the end of the typical 12 week cycle of them i do that will end this month.

I know there are receptor shutdown issues so you dont run clen right after a cycle of this. I am wondering would i need a lag and how long before i start running sarm cardarine?

I have not ran clen yet but have some. I was just curious of how much stronger it is than ECA and also would i be subbing the clen for the E and running it with the CA or as a standalone?


I am currently on trt at 200g a week of test and am on a blast now with 300mg sustanon a week in two doses. I am probalby going to up that in a couple weeks to 500mg and will be on cycle until the end of september.

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