Please Rate/Critique my Cutting Cycle/Diet!!


Okay so currently im at 230lbs 15-16% BF For my next "CUT" cycle in July i have this planned.

Planning on running this cycle for about 6-7 weeks

100mg Tren A @ 3x per week
175mg Test E @ 2x per week
.25mg Adex EOD
t3 @ 25/25/50/75/50/25/12.5 - Each being per week.
Clen @ 20/40/60/80/80/100/100 Wk1 (going to 100mcg depending on sides)
@ 100/100/100/100/100/80/60 Wk2
@ 2 weeks off
Have Osta/S4. Looking for your advice on dosing this
40/40/20/20 Nolva Split
.25mg Adex EOD

So being around 230lbs I was, my maintenance is at 3100kcals. So i was going to start off around 2700kcals a day
320g protein/130g carbs/100g fat

So thats pretty much what im looking at for my cutting cycle, ANY CRITIQUE or things to switch up (dosages,timing, etc.)will be greatly appreciated!!

Also, how long can you run clen for? i know the 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off method. But after 2 weeks off can you just jump back into 2 weeks on?


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