Perfect Bloodwork on TRT except high SHBG! Anybody been able to lower successfully?


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So I’ve been on TRT for a little over a year, and am feeling good, and having good bloodwork. I have always been an athlete, in really great shape before TRT so it is hard to tell if my expectations are too high or if I could really get more out of my TRT.

I’m 32, in the military, and pre TRT levels were TT 500 ng/dL with max being 1100 and free test at 8.7 ng/dL with max being 21.7, SHBG 48.7(55 top of normal so high), and e-2 was 16.3. With these numbers I was still very strong and sub 9%bf, but mood, energy, and endurance were beginning to deteriorate.

Numbers now are TT 1200, FT 42.7!(max 21.7) SHBG 54.7 (WTF! Max normal is 55) and e2 is 19.3. I feel amazing, but strength and athletic performance is pretty much the same. My endurance is still not as good as when I was a younger athlete, and I feel my strength and endurance could be optimal if I lower SHBG. I know that my free t reads off the charts, but how is that possible and accurate with such a high SHBG?

Thoughts? Anybody been able to successfully lower SHBG? Also I am only taking 100mg of test cyp a week. Thanks for everyone’s feedback.
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I often the following SHBG elevated these cases - all pubmed supported.

low carb or Ketogenic diet leading to low insulin, high fiber diets
Low cortisol
Low growth hormone
Thyroid medicine (T3) or other meds
Gi, pancreatic or liver inflammation
dysbiosis, malabsorption, SIBO
Enviromental exposure - glyphosates, xylene,
Elevation of IL-6
Cellular estrogen dominance with decrease androgen sensitivity- despite estradiol levels in blood. Tissue is totally opposite.

In many occasion lower gi and systemic
inflammation can lower SHBG by 50%

I am colleagues with Dr grace Lui. She has seen the same things. As many of other knowledge colleagues who are on the cutting edge of research.

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