Peg MGF- igf1 Des and Myostatin hmp cycle



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First run on any of theses 3 compounds.
Peg mgf 100 mcg on non training days
Igf1 des 30 mcg preworkout
Myostatin hmp 25 mcg ever day

Please pm or post if you have experience
Lmk what should I increase and or decrease based on previous experience if any. Want to run a low effective dosage of each compound.

I can’t edit my profile to fill in all the blank information about me but I’m 33yrs old n have cycles under my belt. Never dealt with any of these compounds before but they caught my interest more and more as I research on it. Plans is a 4 week cycle then 4 weeks off then one more 4 week cycle I’m 5’10” 215 lbs training every other day. I work 60-82 hrs a week.

Currently using animal Pak, animal whey, 2100 mg arachidonic acid preworkout on training days only, 5000 iu of vitamin d3 per day , sr9009 60 mg per day split dosage, cel m- test. Been doing this supplementation since around the week after Black Friday more or less.

I’m here to learn I’m far from stubborn I feel this forum is for those to learn from others mistakes. Learning in general and those with the experience and knowledge that are willing to teach. So would like to have this cycle criticized with knowledge help and facts so I can do my order and continue on my path to a better me. Sorry for rambling lol

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