OTC supplement to lower FSH ?


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So recently I had my blood taken, to my surprise I have an elevated FSH as of April 26th it was at 7.1 with the range based at (1.5-12.4) mIU/mL. I am looking into the following.....

Red Clover
Vitex agnus-castus (aka vitex or chasteberry)

I am switching my diet to a more of a plant based protein diet, as opposed to a fish,chicken,steak diet. To see if that will do anything upon retaking my blood test end of May/Early June.

The OTC "red clover"/Vitex" has not been "PROVEN" to lower FSH but it is worth a try and for the price I will pay for a bottle I cant go wrong with at least trying. opinions ? is it bogus ?

I have no health insurance at the moment so I am trying to find ways around going to the doc...

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